Worth Repeating: Early Rising

Why is it that on days that I sleep in, even if the total amount of sleep garnered from that night of sleep is under 8 hours, I am groggy?

Conversely, I could fall asleep at 1 am, wake up at 6, and feel rejuvinated, well rested, and alert; ready to bring on the day.

I’m not sure why, but despite my actions, I believe in the positive effects of “early to bed, early to rise…” I’ve had better days on 4 or 5 hours of sleep than I’ve ever had on 8 or 10.

It seems counterintuitive, I know, but it works.

    • Vikki
    • February 27th, 2010

    I also had a theory that the ‘early to bed’ commandment and thought was also because, from experience, the most ridiculous things I’ve ever done and the closest I’ve come to doing some serious sin, is when I should really be in bed.

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