Worth Repeating: Live Music

So it says up there in the corner that I’m a writer | producer | soundsmith. Some of you may wonder what a soundsmith actually is/does…right? Well, here’s my definition.

I was looking for a name for my company a couple years ago, my company as of right now consisting of myself. I wanted to use my last name in it, my last name obviously being Smith. So I started off with musicsmith, recordsmith, yada yada, none of em worked. Duh! Light went off and out came SoundSmith. Nice ring to it, right? Well, just as a blacksmith of old worked on various types of projects, I too work in a few different areas of the field of sound. I do on-set and post production sound for film, music and commercial recording in studio, and live sound reinforcement. So, there you have it, I’m a self proclaimed SoundSmith.

I honestly love every aspect of what I do, (which is probably why I am not further ahead in my career), but one in particular is doing live sound. I’ve done bigger concerts and events at places like the Salt Palace, Grand America Hotel, Conference Center for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, BYU Marriott Center and LaVell Edwards Stadium, and Energy Solutions Arena. While I love being spoiled with expensive equipment, huge digital consoles, and enormous amounts of amps and speakers, I too love the intimate and humble setting that is Velour.

I’ve been working at Velour since shortly after it opened, a little over four years ago. I had gone to the venue a few times before asking to work there, and it probably took asking 4 or 5 times to actually start working there, but it was such a cool experience when I finally started. Touring bands from all over the US would come to this humble intimate venue on University Avenue to see a few hundred of die-hard fans ready to sing along to every song. It’s not unusual to hear how an artist or band genuinely loves coming back to Velour because of how much they have loved their experiences here. I’ve heard artists play songs that they’ve never played elsewhere on their tour just as a special gift for such a great crowd.

There’s another reason that I love working at Velour, and it’s not the money…

I’m kind of a huge Indy music fan…

And not only do I get to see some of these great acts come through, but I get to work with them to make them sound great. Some of the few in the last year or two:

Damien Jurado

We Shot The Moon


Benton Paul


Trevor Hall

Joshua James

Cary Judd

Chris Merritt

Cameron McGill

Hello Kavita

Band of Annuals


Paul Jacobsen & The Madison Arm

The Vibrant Sound

The Second Estate


Rocky Votolato

(just to name a few.. please check out their music. They are all incredible musicians and bands and deserve a listen.)

Last night was one of those nights that really reinforce why I love doing sound there. Rocky Votolato is currently on tour and played last night, and my wife & I love his music. We’ve been listening to it all week in anticipation for this show. Not only is he incredible live, but he’s one of the most humble and down to earth musicians I’ve met. It was a great show, to say the least. Plus, there’s this:

Velour 11 March, 2010

And this:

(notice the awesomeness of my photoshop skills…the actual album is bigger but the scanner only could catch so much of it…)

So yeah, my fan-ness of Rocky has escalated exponentially due to last night.

So, whether you get to sit behind the sound board and make the music sound as good as you can, or you’re in the crowd, I highly recommend adding some live music to your life. If you’re just getting into it, I recommend some Jazz as well, there’s something unique about the genre because the songs are never the same twice if you’re listening to a combo. One of my favorite genres of all time.

Live Music: Worth Repeating!

  1. I love that we love music together! Its why we finaly decided to start dating…. Band Of Anuals “i kissed the good show….”
    hahahah I love you a zillion babe

  2. Daren, you are a good man you have a very humble confidence that reflects your passion in music. More times then not the “Sound Smith” goes unnoticed. Your service/trade/art is much appreciated on my end as a performer and if i had it my way i would have you mix all my shows.

    Thanks for all you do!

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