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I have had a few questions from friends and family the last few days about “the blog”. I’ve wanted to write a post like this but haven’t been able to find the right tone yet. But here goes nothin’…

I have always felt that I have the, call it what you will, gift of a wide perspective. I’m a thinker by nature; I can think back to how I liked to know how things worked, so I had boxes of toys and electronics that I had taken apart and put back together as a kid. I can remember how friends used to come to me to help solve their dilemmas because of my seemingly uncanny ability to help them step outside their problem and see it from a different perspective.

When I was serving as a missionary for my church in Washington DC, I was able to experience a lot of different perspectives, and what happened when two different perspectives were shared. It was interesting to hear a perspective from a sister missionary when we arrived in DC from Utah, and she saw some kids playing in the street, when she said “This reminds me of the Cosby show!”

It was also interesting to hear how two people could look at the same thing and come out with two completely different views. Take the LDS, or “Mormon” church…I don’t really need to elaborate to explain how varied the perspectives are here. My reasons for serving a mission was to spread the gospel, or “good news” and share the love of Christ with people. On more than one occasion I was yelled at, injured, and called Satan, because someone else saw my mission differently.

A few seconds listening to the news during an election can show you how opinions may vary on any number of different topics. I’ve actually tried to avoid political conversations for this very reason, because some people tend to take a differing opinion a little to personally.

When I left the mission, I was given a lesson, of sorts, about perspective. It went something like this:

First, this postulate: Truth is a knowledge of things as they are, as they were, and as they are to come.

In philosophy, a phenomenon is something that we perceive, in other words, “Things as they are”.

The other option, then, is when we see something differently from “as it is”. In this case, our perception differs from “truth”, whatever that might mean, depending on the situation.

Someone who has a so-called “narrow perspective”, given this postulate and its explanation, basically is not seeing things as they are, but rather as they choose to see them. The goal – at least, my goal – is to have a larger overlay, which is to say make sure that the way I see things is the way they are. Get it?

Ok, sorry if that was poorly worded or too hard to follow. The gist is, that there are truths and facts all around us, whether or not we choose to see things the way they are is up to us, and would be the determining factor in whether our perspective is wide or narrow.

So what’s the point? Why do we want a wide perspective? Allow me to list a few benefits:

Slower to anger, because of the ability to see other points of view.

Slower to take offense, for the same reason.

Humility, and equally as important less pride.

Charity, because we can more easily recognize the needs of others.

I’m sure there are many more, but for sake of brevity, I’ll leave those very broad benefits as a starting point.

Now, I’ve tried not to be too polarizing with my blog posts and my perspectives, but I also have left out some of the more, um… substantial posts as well. Maybe we’ll get there, but I’m not a huge fan of controversy, so it may be some time coming. We’ll have to wait and “see”.

  1. I believe for this reason you are the most wonderful man i know. Soft, kind, loveing, slow to anger, and all around Christ-like. If there were more people in the world who open thier minds to others and “truth” as you put it, There would be alot more understanding and love and harmony. Not to less mention pig-headed-ness….
    Love you dearly

  2. I know this to be true about you. This is why I have so much respect for you and this is why we are still good friends. You were able to see the big picture and see me beyond the narrow mindedness of others.

    Thank you for your friendship and sharing your amazing perspective.

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