Worth Repeating: Collaboration

I started writing this blog as a reason to write something everyday, and aside from a week of really intense work hours, I’ve come pretty close to meeting that goal. It was also something I felt was unique and worthwhile, sharing my perspective in a hopefully interesting way.

One of the things I wanted to do with this site was add a few other authors. It’s not much of a Collective if its just me, and I fear that I would soon run out of things to say as well.

This site currently gets about 30-40 visits a day on the days that I post, which I feel is very cool. I like stats like that, especially ones that make me feel good. So thank you to those who read and who continue to read.

What I would like to do is once we reach a certain threshold, I’m going to put it at 100 views per day, or 50 subscribers to the blog, whichever comes first, I am going to invite everyone who would like to to submit a guest post. At that point I will post the top 3 to 5, depending on how many submissions I receive, and those top posts will be invited to be guest authors, allowed access to the site to post as they please.

So stay tuned as we get closer to the 100/50 threshold, invite people to read the blog, make comments and involve yourself in the discussion, become a subscriber yourself, and get ready. I’ll post more information as we go along.


  1. Im waiting for another post……..tick…….tock……

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