Poll #2: P90X

Alrighty folks, time for poll #2. But first, me.

I started P90X this week in hopes to get in shape…again. Two summers ago I did an olympic length triathlon, and was in what I like to think was the best shape of my life. While I do hope to compete in more tris in the future, my fitness goals right now are more, look good naked…anybody with me?

So, naturally P90X was the first place I turned. I actually considered crossfit but I hear it’s even MORE extreme than P90x…which is a scary thought.

So, my brother-in-law had the DVDs, so it just worked out nicely.

I started Monday with a strong desire. I was PUMPED! I weighed myself and even took pictures (don’t ask, you’ll never see them…)! An hour and a half later my chest, biceps, and abs were burning, but it felt good.

Tuesday morning, my chest biceps and abs were burning, but it hurt. I was incredibly sore. I had even taken two protein/recovery shakes the day before, but alas, I was sore as I’d ever been after a workout. I could barely move, dress, or shower for that matter. Yet, I had another workout to do, so I pushed onward.

At the end of this painful week, I have actually done every workout so far and I’m feeling good. Still sore, but I feel good about it. Next week and the week after should be better and I’m enjoying the rest each body part gets after its workout.

However, before I jump to a “Worth Repeating” conclusion, let me say that I’m not sure that’s were I’ll end up on this one. I do feel that it’s worth doing, once. But what happens when you’re done with P90x? Do it again? Add in the cardio? Umm, no thanks.

The reason I wanted to do P90X is that it’s a workout I can do in my own home, heck in my bedroom for that matter. I don’t need weights, though I do want them, and I don’t have to trudge over to the gym.

But, its still a pretty hefty time commitment. Usually an hour, but on some days up to an hour and a half, that’s not a very sustainable amount of time. That’s not just working out, that’s training!

I hope to gain everything I can out of this routine, but I think that after I get through the 90 days, I’m going to be looking for something a little different. I’ve actually heard this guy is going to be releasing a “sustainable” workout system this year, something you can do in 30 mins a day, and for the rest of your life. (For you P90x-ers, if he looks familiar, he’s the guy on the DVDs that talks about the recovery drink…he kinda created it…) So, what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments, and please take the poll for others to see. Thanks!

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