Worth Avoiding: Pride

I’ve spent the last few weeks indecisive; not only about what to write about but trying to figure out where life is heading. We got a call that our landlord wants his house back, so we had to frantically find a place to move to so that we wouldn’t be homeless at the end of the month. The decision of where to live has been an interesting one, as we were faced having to choose between cost and comfort. Maybe its oversimplifying a bit much, but it seemed like we had limited options that were on opposite sides of the spectrum: old and cheap or new and pricy. Where did we end up? Well, first, how did we make the decision.

We really wanted to lower the amount we were paying a month. We’ve done well keeping our rent to under 30% of our budget, but wanted to lower it if we could. We’ve been really spoiled with the place we’re in, and so it was a tough decision. We ended up getting really lucky and have a place kind of fall into our lap. Its the perfect size and is less rent than we are currently paying.

The reason I bring it up is because thinking back on it, (trying to gain some perspective), I worry I was motivated by pride. It probably would’ve been better for us to lower our rent even more than we are going to, but I wanted to have a place that was nice. Not necessarily “nicer” than others’, but something that was nice. Is it so wrong to want to give your wife a nice home?

So it got me thinking about pride. After thinking and reading and all, its a little scary what could happen if we aren’t actively avoiding pride.

So without further ado, here’s why  I feel we should avoid pride, with a few examples.

Pride occurs in the comparison. When we act upon or react to a situation based on a comparison, pride is involved in whatever decision we make.  So we must ask ourselves, why did we buy that car, or put those rims on it? Why do we live in the neighborhood or the house we live? Why do we go out to eat instead of eating in? If any of the answers involve a comparison with someone else, pride may be present.

Pride clouds our judgement. When we’re concerned so much about what other people think or how we are viewed by others, there’s a problem. I’ve seen pride bankrupt people, because they were afraid of what people might  think if they had to downsize their lifestyle.  How many times in history has the pride of a nation or it’s leader brought about its destruction?

Think about some of the qualities and goals we all seek after, and how pride can derail us from that pursuit if we don’t avoid it:

Having a family

Being persuasive

Financial security

Job security and advancement








And the list goes on and on…

So, I’ve been taking inventory as of late, trying to eliminate the instances of pride that are littering my life.  Its not easy to say the least, but its a good exercise for all of us. Take a good look, read a book if need by, and try to get it out completely.

Worth avoiding: Pride

    • Lari
    • April 25th, 2010

    Pride can catch us in a variety of ways, not only with comparing ourselves to others. Often we feel we deserve better. We work hard, so why shouldn’t we have ______. Or that the world somehow owes us. Humility most often comes to us through experiences unbidden, but teaches us so much if we open our heart to the lessons.

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