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A return to “Focus”

A few posts back I commented a little about Focus, and how I felt “spread too thin” with all of the projects, work, goals, life, etc…

I’ve had a little while to think about it all–and admittedly, not much changed. Until, that is, I ran across this:

I’ve been tuned in to Leo and his blog ZenHabits for a few years now, and whether he knows it or not, I am a pretty devout reader. He has been able to accomplish what some small part of me desires: freedom from distraction, minimalism, simplicity…zen?

I’ve been reading through this free book of his over the last day or two, and man, is it good. Already I’ve seen some things that I wanted to change, and the few that I have implemented have helped get me on the path to more focus.

This all came about because of a strong desire to do so much, and feeling like I had so little time to do it. But, the reality is quite contrary to my perception. I have lots of time; that I tend to fill with distractions like TV shows and movies, internet browsing, emails, twitter & facebook, etc.

So, to the point: if that sounds at all like you and you would like some help freeing yourself from the distractions that impede your creativity, I point you to Leo’s book on focus. It’s free, and he’s encouraging people to get it, read it, and be changed for the better. In case he ever sees this blog post: thanks Leo.


Worth Repeating: LDS General Conference

Most, if not all of you, know that I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When I was born my mother was a member and my Dad was Catholic. He converted when I was seven, and everyone in my immediate family is now an active member of the church.

When I was 19 I left to serve a 2 year mission for the Church in January of 2003, and returned in 2005. I have been married in a temple of the Church for time and all eternity. Soon my wife and I will be bringing a child into the world, and he will be sealed to us as well.

Twice a year, there is a General Conference held by the leadership of the church. They update the members of certain statistics, and we are given an opportunity to sustain the leadership of the church.

Just as important, we are able to hear inspired words from our leaders, including the President of the Church, currently Thomas Monson. We believe him to be a prophet, a man that is led by God, and is a living witness as to His reality and His gospel.

The conference occurs every October and April, and this past weekend was the most recent conference. One of the speakers mentioned a time when he was asked why he lives the way he lives, why he believes what he believes. His answer: “because I believe the Book of Mormon is true.”

I’ve been asked many times in my short 26 years on this earth that same question. And whether I knew it or not, my answer is the same. I live the way I live, make the choices I make, and believe what I believe, all because I believe – I know – that the Book of Mormon is true.

Because I believe that the Book of Mormon is true, I believe that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God. I believe that he saw Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father as an answer to his sincere and humble prayer.

Because I believe that Joseph Smith is a prophet, I believe that he was inspired by God, and received revelation from Him. We have those revelations in the Doctrine and Covenants.

Because I believe that Joseph Smith is a prophet, I believe that Christ restored His church to the Earth through him. He restored the priesthood, which is the authority to act in His name.

Because I believe that Christ restored His church through Joseph Smith, I believe that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only true church on the earth, containing the priesthood authority, and direct communication with God. I believe that there is a living prophet today and that he receives revelation on our behalf.

And it is because I believe all these things that I live the way I do, and act the way I act, and believe what I believe.

We are blessed, all of us, not just the members of the church, to have a prophet on the earth today, one that can receive revelation on our behalf. I encourage you to read the things that were said this weekend here.

In addition, I’m going to attempt to be a better “example of the believers”. It was an inspiring weekend for me, and hope that you might look into some of the things the leaders of the church are saying during this time.

General Conference: Worth Repeating