30 by 30

I was inspired by a friend of mine to write this post. It was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be, mainly because I started thinking about what my goals said about me…was I too focused on money? Was I too concerned with career goals? Was I giving enough focus to family and the spiritual side of my life?

Well, all those things aside, here’s my list of 30 things I want to do by the time I’m 30, which is November 12, 2012. I’ve added some comments that I didn’t include when I posted this list elsewhere, for all you faithful readers 🙂

30 by 30

1. Buy a house, at least 50% down
We really want to get into a house, but we don’t want to end up house poor a year later. While I’d love to get out of debt and pay for everything the rest of my life with cash, never needing to rely on a stupid credit score again, this might be a more realistic goal.
2. Buy a car with cash
Cars may be the worst “investment” around. They depreciate faster than anything else, they cost a lot, etc. etc. I hate how much I want nice cars, but for this first one I’m looking at a used (2009) Volkswagen Touareg 2.
3. Trip to Europe w April
I’m thinking a good 3 weeks and limiting it to 3 countries…hmm, lets say France, Spain, and Italy 🙂
4. Music Lounge to 100,000 subscribers
5. Produce a TV show
We had a pitch meeting last Friday that I don’t want to jinx, but it looks like it’s got a pretty good shot. For my own silly reasons I looked up who the youngest executive producer on a network TV show was, and Josh Schwartz had the reigns of “The O.C.” at 27…
6. Produce a full length feature that gets picked up for distribution
It’s the biggest dream right now.
7. Renew rock climbing membership, go at least 1x per week
8. Complete Olympic triathlon
I did a few sprint lengths in the summer of 2008, and it felt great. I want to do more…
9. Complete half triathlon (70.3 miles)
This one will be a challenge. I figure if I can train over the winter and complete a couple Olympic lengths next summer, than 2012 can be the year of the Half Tri.
10. 10% body fat by 28, maintain/stay under 12%
Should come with the training for the triathlons and the rock climbing.
11. Invest $10,000 (rothIRA, stocks)
12. Habit of reading scriptures every day
I’ve been lax since about 6 months after returning from my mission. While I won’t be able to devote 4+ hours a day to scripture study till after I retire, or die…, I need to get this back into my daily routine.
13. Mountain bike in Moab
Always wanted to. Sub goal – buy a mountain bike. I had two but they got stolen from the bike rack when I was in college. Lame…
14. Go on a cruise
15. Become conversational in Spanish
16. Become conversational in 1 other language (French?)
I figure I already kinda know French, so if I learn Spanish then French might come a lot easier? Or maybe I should do them in reverse order… either way, Mom, April – I’d like Rosetta Stone for Christmas 🙂
17. Guitar: (100 covers)
18. Cook more nice meals for family/fam & friends.
Because life is meant to be shared
19. Habit of writing every day.
Been good this week! Now to keep it up…
20. Piano: 100 covers
21. Play sax in a combo type setting at least 1x per month.
I’ve put it off for too long. I need to get back into playing saxophone regularly, because it’s an other-worldly experience when I’m performing.
22. Repair & improve credit score/ history
23. $25,000 in savings
24. Finally train Toby.
25. Make $100,000 in one year.
26. Get completely out of debt ($35,000?)
27. Go canyoneering
28. Backpack the Uinta trail (78 miles)
Maybe I just want you to think that I’m this rugged…
29. Complete a century (100 mile road cycle)
Only twice as long as the bike portion of a half triathlon!
30. Start the Smith Family Fund
Kind of a secret for now, but I want to start a fund that is available to anyone in the family (however many people “family” includes) who is contributing to the fund. Could potentially be used to help fund missions, college, service endeavors, investments, etc.
There you have it! If you came here you got more than what you probably wanted to know but it’s good to write stuff like this down in public places so that people can slap you around if you’re not doing what you said you wanted to that one time on the internet. And with that, I’m off to bed. Night all!
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