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Worth Avoiding: Ignorance

Alright, here we go. A meaty post.

Ignorance -noun “the state or fact of being ignorant”

Ignorant -adjective “lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact”.

Common synonyms: uninformed, obtuse, naive, thick.

Now: why?

Why do I bring up ignorance? Because I really can’t stand it; I despise it really. I try hard not to be ignorant myself, at least when it comes to subjects I’m active in, i.e. I’m ok being ignorant in quantum physics because I never try to talk intellectually about it. On the other hand, I make sure that what I say is based on fact when I’m talking about doing live sound reinforcement. Everyone follow? Sweet.

It is frighteningly common, however, how many times I enter a conversation, by choice or otherwise, or encourage a discussion, accidentally or intentionally, that ends with me being frustrated. An excerpt as an example:

Me: “I’m terrified of our national debt problem, especially that it’s still getting worse and there are, at least to my knowledge (or lack thereof) no currently implemented solutions.

Here’s what I am saying: I’m afraid of the rate we have gotten ourselves into debt, how large that debt is, how irresponsible we (and I named a few people/institutions) have been in allowing this to happen, and that it’s not getting better, nor does the outcome look good as we haven’t implemented (again, to my knowledge) anything to make it better.

Here’s some things to emphasize: to my knowledge, or lack thereof. Meaning: I don’t speak as an authority, but rather am sharing an opinion. A statement such as “to my knowledge” usually invites some discussion and/or criticism, that I am happy to enter into, or I wouldn’t have posted such a comment in such a public forum.

Here’s what I wasn’t inviting:      i g n o r a n t   c o m m e n t s

Also, references to any sort of “dribble”, “catch phrases”, or the like. I’m not a liberal. Nor am I a conservative. Not fully at least.

So, to take what I said, spin it to be able to use a catch phrase, and then make ME feel as if I’m wrong for having an opinion based on facts, is ignorant.

Now, if I was wrong, I would politely say something like “thank you for enlightening me and helping me learn more about the topic. Mad props. Word to your motha.”

Alright, so you probably get it. And what’s with that whole idiom about how “ignorance is bliss”? So you feel that not knowing the truth is better than knowing it because it can give you happiness instead of grief…? Isn’t that, um, ignorant? This bothers me too because you are actively choosing to be ignorant. Why would you do that? Just to make me upset?

Anyway, why don’t we do this: strive not to be ignorant. Before you say something, be able to back it up, with facts. And don’t chose to be ignorant just because it makes the situation easier.

Worth avoiding: Ignorance, be it active or passive.