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A return to “Focus”

A few posts back I commented a little about Focus, and how I felt “spread too thin” with all of the projects, work, goals, life, etc…

I’ve had a little while to think about it all–and admittedly, not much changed. Until, that is, I ran across this:

I’ve been tuned in to Leo and his blog ZenHabits for a few years now, and whether he knows it or not, I am a pretty devout reader. He has been able to accomplish what some small part of me desires: freedom from distraction, minimalism, simplicity…zen?

I’ve been reading through this free book of his over the last day or two, and man, is it good. Already I’ve seen some things that I wanted to change, and the few that I have implemented have helped get me on the path to more focus.

This all came about because of a strong desire to do so much, and feeling like I had so little time to do it. But, the reality is quite contrary to my perception. I have lots of time; that I tend to fill with distractions like TV shows and movies, internet browsing, emails, twitter & facebook, etc.

So, to the point: if that sounds at all like you and you would like some help freeing yourself from the distractions that impede your creativity, I point you to Leo’s book on focus. It’s free, and he’s encouraging people to get it, read it, and be changed for the better. In case he ever sees this blog post: thanks Leo.