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Music: Worth Repeating – The iPod Iditarod!

Like the title for the new year’s resolution I mentioned in the last post? So it’s a work in progress – but I think it works so far. The Iditarod is an annual dogsled race that takes place in Alaska every year. I find it especially appropriate because of the analogy – 16 dogs to each Musher, and a race that spans over 1100 miles in around 2 weeks. My Iditarod is 26 letters of the alphabet, over 52 weeks, and covering over 160 gigs of music – over 30,000 songs! So, if you want to just see the progress of this adventure through my iPod, that’s what to look for.

So, here’s the premise, as a refresher: 52 weeks in a year, 26 letters in the alphabet, so that’s two weeks per first letter of the bands I’m listening to during those 2 weeks. I’m assuming I’ll have an easier time with the ‘Q’s’ and ‘X’s’ than others, so I’m not going to be too strict on the timeframe, except that I want to finish by the end of the year.

So, we start off with the letter A. (I actually haven’t started yet, but I’m hoping that over the next few days I’ll get through it and be able to report back). Really what I’m looking to accomplish is 2 fold:

1. Identify my favorite artists and genres of music, so that I can expand my music library to get more of the things I assume I’ll like.

2. Achieve a greater ability to describe music – what it sounds like, who it sounds similar to, what I like and why I like it.

That’s the plan at least. We’ll see how it goes…